Physiotherapy Helps Me in My Duties as a Mother

physio-2For many women, being a mother is one of the achievements that make them feel whole as a human being. I know how it feels because I am now a mother of a healthy and smart kid. I am now in my mid 30s and am happily raising my kid together with my loving and responsible husband. Since pregnancy up to the early years of my baby, felt really whole as a woman but I had to endure sacrifices and pains such as when I was giving birth. Then, I had to endure sleepless nights during the first few months of my baby. When he was able to walk and did not require much attention as when he was a baby, I returned to my work so I can help in keeping the family financially stable. My husband earns enough but I want to contribute and I also have other plans that require money.

Over the years, it was apparent that I have been working very hard as a mother to my child and as professional in my chosen career path. Though I make sure to take a rest whenever things start to get stressful, I really actually don’t pay that much attention to the slight joint pains I feel whenever the day ends. This usually happens at the workplace and during days when we are demanded to accomplish a lot of task. At first, I didn’t mind it. But when I also started feeling pain in my thigh muscles that was when I started to get a little worried. So I asked my closest friends, some of whom are my colleagues also, about the best way to get rid of the joint and muscle pains that have been bothering me for days. They all recommended several remedies but what was common among the recommendations is physio or physical therapy.

I live in Werribee and I don’t have any plans of going somewhere far just to look for a physiotherapist. That’s why I also asked them whether or not there is a licensed and reliable Wyndham Physio clinic in Werribee VIC. They suggested some names but they also advised me to do some research online. After browsing a few websites, I decided to choose one and contacted them immediately. I want to relieve my joints of pain in the soonest time possible. I ask the staff who answered me if I can have an appointment the next day. Luckily, I was told that they can still accommodate me.

I told my daughter and my husband about my appointment the next day and that I need to rest early. They were both supportive and did not bother me to stay up late. On the day of my appointment, I had a short shower and light breakfast because I was expecting that some massage and related therapeutic methods will be performed on me. When I arrived at the clinic, I was immediately introduced to the therapist I was assigned to. We talked for about 15 minutes so she can have a background about my physical condition. I told her everything about my work as a professional and as a mother. I told her that there are many times that I have to carry light to slightly heavy objects every day. I was also asked whether I follow regular exercise or not. I responded no because of my busy schedule at home and at the office.

After the short interview, she performed some stretching on my hands and legs. She also asked me to do some poses and whether these are affecting my joints and thigh muscles. After that, she discussed some illnesses and body pains that can be treated with certain physical therapy methods. Then she proceeded with the first session of my therapy. She emphasized that there will be only light massages and movements because there is a need to help the body avoid shocks. The pain I feel may get worse if she exerts too much pressure on my body and if I perform too much movement. I learned that they key to the slow but sure way of relieving my joints and muscles of pain is to have a scheduled plan of a series of therapy sessions.

I was advised to have a twice a week therapy at the clinic. After one month, I can feel a huge difference in my physicality and in my energy. I feel like my muscles are able to move comfortably and that I have a lot of energy to accomplish my day to day tasks both at home and at work. I learned later that the sessions were able to help me have better muscle flexibility and bone movement. I also followed the advice to follow certain exercises routines everyday for a few minutes.

With everything I have experienced, I can say that I am able to become a better mother and professional because of effective and safe physiotherapy. At times when I get tired and exhausted, I make it a point to have massage therapy so that can experience relief from my hardened muscles. I’d like to share my experience about having massage therapy. Check it out here.