My Pain Issues Were Gone With Myotherapy

Some people fear old age because of the many health issues it brings. When I was a teenager, my grandmother lived with us. She had arthritis and many times, we heard her groaning because of the intense pain her condition caused.

It was hard to see her suffering and I decided to do everything to protect myself from arthritis. I do not know if arthritis runs in the blood but, here I am, at the early age of 50, already suffering from arthritis.

Arthritis and Myotherapy

I searched for information regarding arthritis and how to deal with it. After trying several remedies, I did not find lasting relief. During my search, I came across Myotherapy and how the techniques it uses can treat my condition.

Arthritis is caused by the inflammation of the joints. It causes swelling, stiffness of the joints, and pain. Treatments include taking pain killers, but I heard many people have gotten rid of the chronic pain through myotherapy.

Myotherapy is a physical therapy that uses several techniques such as myofascial dry needling, hot or cold therapy, trigger point therapy or acupuncture, electrical nerve stimulation therapy, and passive stretching. It is also called neuromuscular therapy.

Myofascial therapy is an effective remedy for osteoarthritis, especially on the knees. Acupuncture and passive stretching have also been known to reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

I decided to learn more about Myotherapy and this brought me to a myotherapy clinic in Brunswick, Australia. I decided to visit this Melbourne myotherapy web site to learn more about it and it was impressive. It prompted me to drive to the clinic immediately.

Giving Myofascial Treatment A Try

Having tried several treatments already, I decided to give myotherapy a try. A big number of people suffering from chronic pain has been seeking treatment in this clinic.

Many of them are people that lead active lives such as athletes. However, people who suffer from chronic pain also seek help from this clinic. What is unique about myotherapy is that after conducting a thorough check-up to determine the cause and the kind of chronic pain, a personalised treatment program is prepared.

Each patient is treated differently because, in this type of therapy, no single treatment can fit all. The patient is assured that the treatment he gets really remedies his ailment.

Difference Between Massage and Myotherapy

Neuromuscular therapy uses massage but it is different from other massage treatments. One big difference is that a myotherapist uses several massage techniques to treat the patient.

The myotherapist has a deeper knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure of the body. He is trained to identify the parts of the body that cause pain and they can use treatment that targets the source of pain.

This means that if the chronic pain you have needs a different kind of massage treatment, your options can be limited. However, with myotherapy, any chronic pain has its matching treatment.

Aside from neuromuscular therapy, the facility also offers remedial massage and sports massage.

Treatments are available for all types of chronic pains and even pregnant women can be treated without fearing for the effects on her pregnancy and her baby. Because no medical drugs are involved, neuromuscular massage is safe for everyone.

What to Expect When Signing Up for Therapy

Physical therapy conducted by a myotherapist always starts with questions regarding the history of your chronic pain and a thorough check-up. A unique treatment program is designed for you. Then, your therapy sessions are scheduled.

The patient must attend all the sessions for the treatment to succeed. After six weeks of regular therapy, my pain gradually ceased. Thanks to my myotherapist who did everything he can to help me.

Today, I am pain-free and back to my normal life. I had a list of the exercises to perform regularly and a recommended diet plan for holistic treatment.

I look forward to getting back to my normal life after I’m home. Just the thought of a painless existence makes me feel happy and thankful.