Got Back Pain? Try an Inversion Table!

These days, a lot of people have back pains. It amazes me that as early as 25, I already experienced lower back pain as if I was already aging.

I guess I can blame it on posture and the very little time I spend exercising and focusing on blood circulation.

What’s an Inversion Table?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, an inversion table is like a cot where you lie down, strap yourself to it, and control it to a position where you are suspended upside down.

It’s like being in a handstand except that you are not putting your weight in your hands.

An inversion table is the main equipment used in inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is a technique that focuses on shifting gravity in your body to allow proper blood circulation and muscle relaxation.

Although there are barely any studies that prove inversion therapy’s effectiveness, the logic of the whole technique was enough for me to try it.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Of course, I still did research before deciding to buy an inversion table. I found that there are many benefits to doing inversion therapy, here are just some:

1. Fewer Back Pains

Since I always get back pains, I wanted to look for something that will address this above anything else.

Fortunately, buying an inversion table can focus on lessening the back pains that I have since it targets the muscles around my back and the spine itself.

There’s even a study that shows the reduced chances of getting back pain just by spending 3-minute sets on the inversion table.

2. Stronger Spine

The spine is one of the most underrated bones in the body. Without it functioning properly, you could cease to walk, jump, stand, or do anything that you love.

Going through inversion therapy can help increase the fluids that protect the spine and all the bones that make it.

3. Relaxed Legs

We spend most of our days standing up or sitting down. Either way, our feet carry all our weight so it just feels right to let it relax.

The best way to do it is to go upside down so that you shift all your weight from your feet to the inversion table.

Picking the Right Inversion Table

If you’re wondering where to buy inversion tables, you can buy online or at brick-and-mortar shops so that you can see each model for yourself.

But before doing this, I suggest that you know what to look for in an inversion table.

First, you have to check the sturdiest brands. It should be able to support your weight or heavier. If possible, you can look at videos or ask for a demo so that you can see how sturdy it is when someone is already lying on the inversion table.

Second, you want to consider its design. It’s more than looking nice and sleek. The design I’m talking about is its ergonomic design.

When it comes to going upside down, you have to make sure that its design will help support not just your back, but also your neck.

Another thing I recommend checking is the handlebars. Well, you have to know how many angles the inversion table is allowing.

For inversion therapy, going upside down isn’t the only position that can help relieve back pain. In fact, you have to do a few sets of different angles.

And lastly, I personally would buy an inversion table that has other features. For example, if it has heating pads, then that would be nice since heat helps warm the tension in my back.

There are a lot of inversion tables out there but before you shell out money for this, know your preferences and standards in inversion tables.