Drumming to Help Burnt-out Moms

drum lessonsBeing a wife and a mother of three children makes my life happy and fulfilling, but also stressful and exhausting. There are many roles to play: the family driver, the kids’ teacher, and the homemaker. My check lists and to-do lists seems never-ending with the numerous duties, chores, and errands I have to do. I believe that busy moms like myself deserve some downtime, a break from the daily routine of endless responsibilities. 

Choosing a stress reliever can be perplexing. Nowadays, mothers choose regimens that not only distance themselves from their packed schedules, but also guarantee body and mind advantages while doing the practice. Recently, I was surprised to learn that drumming has numerous health benefits. Usually, we think that handling and playing an instrument is only restricted to musicians and artists. But several studies have shown the effectiveness of drumming therapy for stress, regardless if the person is musically inclined or not. 

After reading many sites, journals, and articles regarding these benefits, I decided to educate myself with the drums by enrolling in a music school. As a partner, mother, and a professional, I wanted to attend classes near to my house, the kid’s school, and my office. Fortunately, Red Drum Music Studios was just around the block. I immediately went to check out Red Drum Music Studios page and saw what type of arrangement suited me and my hectic lifestyle.

Red Drums Music Studios is one of the best schools for beginners like me, hobbyists, and professionals. They have a variety of classes, even for piano and vocal instructions. One of the reasons that pushed me to join this school is that all their teachers are trained and licensed. Plus, the mentors and the employees were very welcoming, patient, and hands-on. After a few sessions in the studio, I can now attest to the advantages stated in music and health magazines and websites.

Music has always been a popular choice as a stress reliever, but it felt entirely different when I was the one producing music and making beats with my drumsticks. Unconsciously, hitting the drums released all my negative energy and thoughts, frustrations, anger, pressures. Somehow, drumming became therapeutic for me since I let out all the tensions of my mind and body. As I was learning a certain beat or tempo, I had to focus on my actions and forget about all my worries. Drumming took my mind off of things and taught me how to enjoy and relax at the moment. 

Moreover, I found the activity physical, but refreshing. Drumming exercised my arms and hands; thus, enabled my body to naturally release endorphins. Endorphins are known as the “happy hormones” which explained why I was always in good spirits when I played. For the rest of the day, I found myself in a positive mood because I attended classes. More than just feel-good producers, endorphins are also considered as the body’s painkillers. Because of these, they reduce the chronic pain and sometimes control it. Eventually, I no longer felt my back and neck pain that has been irritating me for weeks. I was able to perform with more ease and comfort compared to my pre-drumming days. 

Since stress is known to take a toll on our overall condition, I was glad that this stress management of mine boosts my immune system. The immune system is the usual target of anxiety and distress, and since I have addressed this issue, I was less prone to sicknesses despite my tiring circumstances. I learned that it had increased my number of white blood cells that counter bacteria and diseases. Overall, drumming sessions that mainly addressed stress, made me physically stronger and healthier as well.  

Additionally, attending this music school expanded my network. I made new friends, who were actually my neighbours. Since my usual route was home – school – work and back, my social circle was limited to those. Now, I feel more comfortable in the community I am living in. Likewise, I was able to establish a connection with my fellow classmates every time we had group sessions. Though we played music together more than we spoke with each other, we instantly had a bond since we all shared a common ground, which was drumming. 

Other than all those aforementioned, playing the drums was also proven to engage mental thought and maintain mental clarity. Creating and following beats and patterns required both the left and right sides of the brain. Drumming is a great exercise to practice cerebral coordination and synchronization. As a result, people who have learned the instrument have less problems when it comes to developing insights, creating strategies, and expressing creativity. Likewise, according to research findings, the sound vibrations felt and heard catalyzes the discharge of negative cellular memories. 

In general, drumming for my health became time for myself, a time for relaxation. Having a toxic life can affect all aspects of one’s life, so it’s important to take a breather. I’m glad I take time weekly to go my drum sessions since it has definitely moderated my stress levels and affected my condition and outlook positively.