Dentist Phobia – Not Really Necessary

I haven’t posted here for a while. I was searching for dental implants Melbourne CBD for my fiancée and suddenly I remember about my own experience back in the days with a dentist. Hope by posting this story, it might help people out there who always make excuses not to go to a dental clinic.

I had a phobia of dentists from my childhood days, when my mother used to take me to the dentist for my regular checkup. I was very bad with my oral hygiene and my phobia also left me no choice, rather than showing my teeth problems to a dentist. Whenever I used to think about visiting one, and then the fear of all the equipments in the dentist place made me not to go there. Twenty-five years of my life, simply passed away, by hiding my mouth in front of others.

I used to get embarrassed into such an extent that I never even used to smile in front of anybody. My bad oral habits made my teeth look pale and rotten; I was ashamed of myself being afraid of visiting a dentist for my tooth’s sake. Finally, the time came when I was in Melbourne CBD for some work, when I noticed a sign of a dental clinic nearby a cafe. While having my coffee, something came upon me. I got up and simply when inside the dentist office, before even thinking twice.

The moment I enter, the fear started taking upon me, but soon I saw the scenario of friendly staff, who was talking to their patients very conveniently and in a friendly manner. Those made me take one more step inside the dentist office. One of the dentists came up to me and invited me into his desk and started talking to me. I instantly told all the problems related to my teeth and the phobia of dentists. He completely understood me and told me all the procedure that he will be conducting for the next four days.

I was happy that I was going to visit the place for five more days, I instantly agreed with him and he started my treatment. The dentist was very understanding and used all the equipments carefully, when he saw I was getting panicked and assured me that everything is going great. He did his four days treatment and every day I went there more confidently. On the final day, when I saw my almost white teeth in good condition, then I thought about how foolish I was to get fear about the dentist and making myself embarrassed for so many years and now it makes me happy that I fought my fear and went to that local dentist which had changed my life in the real sense.

Check out this video below if you have dental phobia like I was.