A Story from My Blog Reader

This story below was sent by one of my readers after seeing my post about phobia going to a dentist.

Hi, thanks for your last post about your fear going to a dentist. I would like to share which is quite the same as yours. Thinking of visiting a dentist make me feel awkward. The serious environment, the killing equipments and the scariest attitude of the dentist, make me feel, as if I have committed a crime and have been sent to this place to undergo punishment. I used to think like that only, till I visited a local dentist Coburg. The dentist place was recommended by one of my friend, who had dental implants in that place. She has such a positive review about this place that I thought to visit it for the problem of my teeth paleness.

I called up there and took an appointment for next day. As soon I entered the dentist place, I felt a wave of positivity and comfortable, by seeing the dentist and the patient around me. I went up to the dentist office, when I was called. He was very calm and understanding, he was listening to my problems; very carefully and then he started to explain me the real cause of my teeth paleness and the procedure to follow it thoroughly for one week. He told me about the treatment cost and everything; I found it very affordable as well.

I instantly got readily for the one-week treatment, which was going to start from next day. From the next day, I started coming to the dentist, and he started my treatment. I told him about my fear of the dentist, and he told that everybody come here, comes with the same fear and goes with shining teeth. I was happy and satisfied with his word of wisdom, and we both had become friendly with each other; in this one-week course. Even his assistant and other staff was also very friendly and cooperative with my fear very well.

Every day I used to wait for my next appointment, as I had got rid of the fear; which I had a few days before. With my last day of treatment, I was happy with the perfect result, which I did not even accept. I was satisfied with the unbelievable service and attitude of the dentist, his assistant and as well as the rest of the staff there. The hygiene of the place, made me totally mesmerized and now I recommend it to everyone, who talk to me about his dental problems, after seeing my shining and white teeth, which I feel proud about, wherever I go.