7 Simple Beauty Tips That Can Change Your Life

Ever wondered how to achieve that model glow and beauty that people are always raving about? Sure, they must have been doing some expensive facial treatments but apart from that, a majority of models also see to it that they get to do the basics.

And what are those basics? In my years of trying out so many beauty regimens and practices, I found out that there are 7 simple yet effective beauty tips that you can always try at home. Plus, they don’t break the bank.

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

People say that sleep is overrated. I disagree with this. It’s actually very underrated. Not having enough sleep leads to eye bags. Eye bags lead to a sallow complexion and a sagging face.

Need I say more? You may not like it, but sleep enables cell repair and regeneration. It’s simply a must if you want to stay healthy and beautiful.

2. Drink Lots of Water

This is a beauty tip I swear by. Water moisturizes your lips. It makes your skin glow. It has minerals for healthy hair. What else do you need to be convinced that drinking water is important?

If you’re not a fan of liquids, try swapping one coffee drink a day to a full glass of water. Your body (and teeth) will love you for it.

3. Visit Your Dermatologist

Do you have skin problems? If you do, then you shouldn’t be self-diagnosing them especially when you’re prone to breakouts. The skin is your largest body part so it only makes sense that you know how to care for it.

Sometimes, it needs medical attention which is why before you buy a bunch of skincare products, visit a dermatologist first. They will tell you what specific minerals/chemicals you need to stock up on.

4. Avoid Oily and Salty Foods

Your diet plays a huge part in your health and beauty. When I used to eat a lot of junk food, I noticed that I had a bad complexion and my skin looked dull.

When I switched to vegetables and fruits, I noticed that my skin looks brighter and I feel lighter overall. You know that feeling when your body is full of the right vitamins and minerals? That’s what I felt.

5. Wear Sunscreen Even When You’re at Home

Even when I’m at home, I make sure I wear sunscreen all the time. Why? Because I don’t live in a cave and there’s bound to be sunlight streaming into my house.

Your house will most likely have some sun, too. By regularly wearing sunscreen, you protect yourself from the UVA/UVB rays that the sun produces.

6. Invest in the Right Skincare Products

This is the continuation of seeing your dermatologist. Now that you know what your skin type is and what it needs, it’s time for you to invest in the products that solve your skin problems.

It’s going to be expensive at first, but at least it does the job. Just think about all the money you can save by not buying all the wrong products.

7. Let Go of that Hair Iron!

While your hair is not part of your body, it still tops off your look (pun intended). You know what they say, your hair is your crowning glory. Even if you look good but your hair looks dead and flat, then what use is having a beautiful face?

One of the ways to take care of your hair is to avoid using curling irons and blow dryers all the time. It’s difficult, I know, especially when your hair doesn’t cooperate. However, too much styling every day will only kill your hair and give it a hard time to repair.

So there you have it. These tips are not meant to break the bank. They’re sustainable and if you keep it up and stay consistent, you’ll see a huge improvement in your body and face.